Dreaming of old L.A.

Old LA (21)

I’m currently reading James Ellroy’s “The Black Dahlia”. As a self-confessed murder-mystery fanatic, I am enjoying it immensely and find myself day-dreaming of the magic world of post-war Los Angeles, with classy suits, jazz music and constantly changing street views.

So today I invite you to join me on a tour of glamourous old LA!

Old LA (1)

The intersection of La Brea si Wilshire – 1947 – old May Company building

Old LA (2)

Los Angeles Theatre

Old LA (3)

Wilshire Boulevard, 1930’s

Old LA (4)

Legendary Greyhound bus stop

Old LA (5)

The creme of Los Angeles, filling up the the Coconut Grove at the Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard

Old LA (6)

Paul DeLongpre Residence

Early XXth century mansions, by now long gone to make way for shopping centers and parking lots

Old LA (9)

LA’s wide streets, lined with palm trees

Old LA (10)

Westwood Village Circa 1950’s

Old LA (11)

In 1891, the old Los Angeles Courthouse became Pearl Morton’s Municipal Brothel. She was L.A.’s bawdiest, most beloved madam

Old LA (12)

Old LA (13)

Los Angeles suburban street in 1939

Old LA (24)

Preparation of the site for construction of Los Angeles City Hall, 1927. Behind are the old County Courthouse and the Hall of Justice.

Old LA (19)

Old photo of a housing development in the Hollywood hills Hollywoodland, 1930

Old LA (23)

The infamous Chateau Marmont in the 1940’s

Old LA (20)

Old LA (14)

Old LA (15)

Old LA (16)

Old LA (18)

Old LA (17)

Change maker knitting during slow moments at the Gilmore self-service gas station, Los Angeles, CA, October 1948

Old LA (22)

Sunset Plaza 1940’s

Old LA (26)

Old LA (25)

Drive-in theater, Los Angeles 1949

Old LA (27)

Hollywood in the mid-50’s

Old LA (29)

Hollywood lights in 1962

Old LA (28)

Whisky-a-go-go Opening, Jan 11, 1963

Old LA (30)

LAX 1950’s

Old LA (31)

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